Alongside the conference, an exhibition will be held and will witness the participation of governmental and semi-governmental institutions and departments, and local and international private sector companies specialized in the waste management field, as it will be an opportunity to explore the latest technologies and innovations in the field of waste management.

The exhibition is open for the participation of the following:

  • Governmental and semi-governmental institutions and departments.
  • Local companies and factories specialized in waste treatment.
  • Local and international cleaning companies.
  • International companies specialized in the treatment of liquid waste, recycling waste, and converting it into fertilizers and recyclable materials.
  • Technology companies that convert waste into energy.
  • Modern technologies to treat hazardous and medical waste.
  • Youth initiatives, entrepreneurs, and parties interested in preserving the environment.
  • Local agents of equipment and trucks involved in waste management practices.
  • Companies specialized in manufacturing containers.
  • Companies responsible for handling tires and construction waste.

Exhibitors 2023