Aim of the Conference 

  • Encourage all segments of society to practice waste sorting by creating a culture of waste reduction.
  • Introduce the latest technologies in the waste recycling field to be adopted by companies involved.
  • Explain the importance of academic research in developing recycling and waste treatment practices.

By achieving these objectives, the conference will contribute to the comprehensive development process in accordance with the Qatar National Vision 2030, to transform Qatar into an advanced country capable of achieving sustainable development by 2030.

Topic of Conference 2023

  • The circular economy of a sustainable solid waste management system
  • New technology to collect and separate from the source
  • New technologies for 18R’s
  • Reducing and treating food waste
  • Reducing and treating agricultural waste
  • Challenges of waste management in times of crisis
  • International best practices in waste management in developed countries
  • Rehabilitation of landfills


Event Location