Mr. Ghanim Al Sulaiti

Mr. Ghanim Al Sulaiti

Young Qatari entrepreneur
  • Ghanim Al-Sulaiti is a young Qatari entrepreneur passionate about creating a positive impact on society by promoting a plant-based lifestyle.
  • In his spare time, he is a serial entrepreneur, founding his first business—Evergreen Organics—in 2016, and now has over 10 projects currently live or under development. All of these projects share the same vision and values as its founder—to be vegan, sustainable, and promote a healthier lifestyle. Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the creative and operational procedures needed to produce excellent brands.
  • Ghanim has a personal interest in developing dialogue about healthy living, veganism and sustainability. With a mind wired for logic and strategy and a desire motivated by the passion of creativity and business savviness. Ghanim is on a mission to help and transform people’s mindsets to live a lifestyle that helps their planet, their health, and their future. Ghanim has worked extensively with local schools and regional organizations such as Qatar Foundation, Ooredoo Doha Marathon, Qatar National Library, Qatar Financial Center, and the Qatar Investment Authority, producing educational programs to change the status quo. He holds a BSc in Civil Engineering from Drexel University, USA.


  • 09:45 AM

Experience of the private sector in the field of recycling and sustainability:

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