Mr. Nicolas Moufflet

Mr. Nicolas Moufflet

CEO & Founder of Lyspackaging
  • As an industrial designer, he has created numerous bottles for traditional plastics and glassmaking, which allowed him to early measure the impacts of packag
  • It is out of awareness of a problem linked to hydrocarbons that he turned to the research of biomaterials derived from biowaste and not intended for food to develop a circular model "from the earth to the earth", there at twenty.
  • These skills in applied mechanics allowed it to tame its first blower and find the settings to blow its biopolymer (it was a world first), which today is part of its know-how transfer process for its licensees.
  • What animates him the most are the problems of access to drinking water and its transport and the desire to revolutionize marketing by manufacturing packaging in France, with the addition of co-products (flax, reed, hemp, algae, shells, kernels, etc) imitating nature, respecting the product, health and the environment.


  • 09:45 AM

Experience of the private sector in the field of recycling and sustainability:

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