Ms. Ruba Hinnawi

Ms. Ruba Hinnawi

Technical Lead- Earthna Center for sustainable Future
  • Ruba started her career path as an architect where her interest in vernacular and responsive architecture enthused her to delve in sustainable architecture and green building design standards until she has become a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Faculty in Building Design and Construction and recently as a certified Regenerative practitioner.
  • As a Technical Lead at Earthna, Ruba advocates for regenerative development to build capabilities in people and communities to reconnect with nature for a heathy relation between environment, people and the built environment. Ruba has managed and prepared a variety of sustainability-oriented programs, workshops, and initiatives to promote operational efficiency in the built environment, education for sustainability, and circular economy in collaboration with international organizations and government entities for various sectors. Moreover, Ruba advocates for faith-and ethical based approach towards nudging behavior change for environment protection and sustainable communities.


  • 09:50 AM

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